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Cristian 20 Jul 2023
Buenos Aires

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Travelled in family - Jul 2023
She was great !!!! We enjoyed a lot the views
The area of the richest - The Peak
Kalun 14 Jul 2023

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Travelled in couple - Jul 2023
Susanna showed us some really cool finds and did a fantastic job with the history and contextualization of the neighbourhood and city, we learned a ton!
SMALL GROUP - TimeOut Coolest Neighborhood - Sheung Wan Street Art Graffiti meets Old School Charm
Xin Yi 09 Jul 2023

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Travelled in couple - Jul 2023
Thank u Christina for your enthusiasm and for gamely answering our many questions! It was fun doing a tour with a local who brought us on a minibus ride up to the peak, and took us on a hike to the Victoria peak gardens. Christina also helpfully provided us with lots of recommendations on food. We were rewarded with many lovely views from the peak too!
Unusual Tour - Traditional Chinese Walled Village + 300 years old Temple
Nadia 08 Jul 2023

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Travelled alone - Jul 2023
Super excellent. You must book her for a personal tour. You can tell her your interests and she will research and tailor it to fit your needs. Just amazing person, thoughtful, knowledgeable and very kind. You will not regret it!!
The forgotten: The poor side of hong kong
Bask 05 Jun 2023
Hong Kong

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Travelled in couple - Jun 2023
Amazing! She is very knowledgeable about the Hong Kong, and very organize, we really enjoy and would do many more tours with her. Highly recommended!
SMALL GROUP - Central - A walk back in Time, as a Colonist, where Life & Glamour is!
uri 25 May 2023

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Travelled alone - May 2023
Today's Wanchai tour has been great again. In particular, I enjoyed Susanna's explanation on Chinese superstition, the Chinese zodiac, as well as the history of Wanchai. From a fishing village, where the Chinese coolies' lived to a bar scene where the British navy came to meet friends and girls, right up to when the Japanese marched the streets of Wanchai with bayonets, during the Japanese' occupation of Hong Kong, I could honestly visualize the whole history of Wanchai right in front of my eyes. The stories about Chinese weddings also intrigued me, which made my visit at Lei Ting Street even the more interesting. Last but not the least, Susanna also brought me to a "Cha Chaan Teng" (ie. a Chinese improvised western restaurant) where I also enjoyed some Chinese-style western food. Trust me, it has all been a fascinating experience for me with these tours. So, I truly look forward to Susanna'a Central tour tomorrow, as she promised me that it would be her best! I recommend all visitor Uri Wulff Israel
SMALL GROUP - Wanchai Heritage - Chinese Laborers (Coolies) living through Colonial Times
Margaret 16 Apr 2023

Is good to hear from the locals who are very passionate about sharing the living conditions and their lives in Hong Kong
Introduction of Hong Kong Walking Tour | by Hong Kong Free Tours
Karolina 23 Jan 2023

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Travelled alone - Jan 2023
Susanne was extremely nice to show me around Quarry Bay and made the tour very personalised, answered all my questions. Highly recommend for everyone!
SMALL GROUP - Monster Building (World's Densest Residential Living) & URBAN LOCAL Living in HK Eastern District
Antonia 31 Dec 2022

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Travelled in group - Dec 2022
Great tour, really interesting as the tour offered information you wouldn t know walking by the buildings. It took three hours and we had time in between to discover on our own what she had been talking about. Its a good mixture of the cities history, architecture, todays city life, food and religion! Would recommend 100%.
Hong Kong Free Tour (2023) | 1k+ booked

About Hong Kong

Throughout the world there are a series of really peculiar tourist destinations, with a very interesting history and with a wide range of activities, places and places of great interest, perfect to enjoy a few days of vacation. Hong Kong is a clear example of all this, an old colony of the British empire that is currently a “state city” with great autonomy, which due to its privileged location southeast of China, makes it one of the most coveted financial and economic corners and important of the planet. It is a really modern city, headquarters of important companies, banks and entities of great world weight. Its impressive skyscrapers, its commercial districts and its busy life, attest to the importance of this great Asian city of subtropical climate in the sea of ​​South China, which extends along several small islands. In this city it is possible to enjoy the latest technology, but also the best of its tradition, such as its interesting cuisine, such as "Dim Sum", Roasted Goose, Moon Cakes, or Fish Balls.

The immensity of this city makes it advisable to resort to a free walking tour in Hong Kong, one of the most interesting ways to make the most of the visit to this great Asian city. Some of the most important corners are the views offered by Victoria Peak, a perfect place to get an idea about the magnitude of this Asian jewel and to see buildings such as the “Bank of China Tower”. During the day its recommended beaches such as Stanley Beach, are equally recommended, as well as some of its museums such as the History of the city, where you can get closer to the city's most recent past.

This city invites you to enjoy both the nature of its beaches, and its immense natural park with corners such as the "Edward Youde Aviary", with a wide selection of tropical birds. During the night, night markets such as “Temple Street” and the best leisure environment in the “Lan Kwai Fong” neighborhood, a meeting point for thousands of foreign tourists, are also recommended, as well as enjoy the colorful Avenue of Stars and his light show "Symphony of Lights". Faced with the burden of arriving in this great city, really bustling, the best alternative to typical excursions and the best option to get to know it, is to resort to free tours in Hong Kong, a convenient way to make the most of the visit to the city. city ​​and to know the essential and most important places of this great tourist destination.

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