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Lisa 09 Apr 2024

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Travelled in couple - Apr 2024
We were just two persons on the tour and Nhat adjusted the tour to all our wishes. He knows the city very well and we could see that he had a lot of experience with tourists. Nhat speaks English very well and had an answer to all our questions. I can 100% recommend to let him show you Hanoi!
Hanoi from inside - the Old-Quarter free walking tour
Rok 21 Feb 2024

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Travelled in couple - Feb 2024
Loved every minute of the tour! We were a nice group and Sarah was lovely. She showed us authentic places and foods. Recommend!
Experience Hanoi: Vegan Culinary Delights & Iconic Train Street Adventure
Charlotte 05 Feb 2024

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Travelled in couple - Jan 2024
Thao picked us up at a meeting point and we walked along some more quiet and nice farming-areas in the city where she told us everything about the moving and tragic history of Vietnam and their people and also about the current state. Thao speeks very good english so it was very easy and fun to listen and follow the story and ask all kind of questions about the past or the present. She also took us to some friends farming-place where we could rest at the river and try the refreshing Starfruit with salt and chilli. (We loved it so mich that we bought it again on local markets around the contry) We would highly recomend this tour for everyone that is interested in the history and the people of vietnam. We were travelling for one month across the country and haven‘t met anyone with that knowledge and english skills. Thao is really a great person! For us it was a great way to start our journey through a uniqe country and its beautiful and friendly people.
Adventurous walk from the oldest bridge in Hanoi
Shawn 01 Feb 2024

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Travelled alone - Jan 2024
As this was my second trip to Hanoi, Hanako managed to skip the places i had previously visited and brought me to other locations where i had yet to visit. Loved the experience of going into the alleys to see how the locals live. Hanako mentioned i was his first ever tourist for his trip, so i am honored to be his first. He is friendly and loves to share. You will surely enjoy your trip with him.
Walking Tour : Train Street and Shady Alleys
Phil 27 Dec 2023

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Travelled alone - Dec 2023
A brilliant introduction to the Old Town which definitely covered areas that I would otherwise have overlooked. A good mix of "tourist" and "local" sights. Melody is an engaging and interesting host who is clearly passionate about her city, and egg coffee!
Hanoi Old Quarter Free Walking Tour - A Glimpse of Local Life
Javier 25 Oct 2023

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Travelled in couple - Oct 2023
It was ok
A Free Walking Tour of the French Quarter with Small Group
Mansi 11 Oct 2023

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Travelled in couple - Oct 2023
I felt right at home with Kitty. She is the sweetest. She guided us very well through the incense village and also answered all of our questions about Vietnam. She had an extremely positive vibe and she's fun loving. Definitely recommended. I wish her all the best for her future.
Free Tour to Quang Phu Cau Incense Village
Pablo 11 Oct 2023

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Travelled in group - Oct 2023
This tour was a delicious experience. We met up in the old quarter and we visited 7 hidden gems of local street food. Our guide Rose has such passion for her city, the cuisine and showcasing its goodness that is moving and inspiring! Best guide ever! The food we tried was delicious, all made with fresh ingredients while we were being told about the history of the places we were visiting, and stories that made the flavours and experiences all the more richer. EVERYONE that visits Hanoi must book a tour with Rose. She is the best.
Amazing free street food & hidden walking tour
Henning 14 Aug 2023

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Travelled in couple - Aug 2023
We just made the walking free tours with Lynn and we saw much more than we expected and it was awesome We walked around for about 6 hours 👍👍👍 we loved it She is a very nice person We would recommend her highly
Hanoi Hidden Charms - Walking tour

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