Jul 17, 2019

Thanks to this post, you will be able to create a guided tour in just 4 key steps. We explain the basics of each stage, but all the information is detailed in a full post that we strongly recommend you read.  


1. Choose the main topic of your guided tour?

The first step is to define the central topic of the tour you want to organize with the travelers in your city.

The typical free walking tour shows the most emblematic places and the city’s historical evolution. 

But there are many more topics possible! ?

Gastronomy, street art, architecture, key periods, famous persons, … 

In this post, we explain what the typical free walking tour is made of with the most successful alternatives that best suit your situation! ?

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2. Plan your tour route ?

Once you have chosen the central topic of your tour, it’s time to plan it! 

It’s important to define at least 10 stops and structure them to create a common thread without having to walk too much. 

In this post, we explain how to create your tour itinerary step by step, based on the experience of our best gurus. ?

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3. Write the script for the tour ?

We almost have your tour ready! 

The last stage is to write the script of your tour ?

Your tour experience should be like a movie: every word counts to convey your speech in the best way. 

In this post, we explain how to choose the best content to create an incredible experience and get paid well.

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4. The most common mistakes of new guides ?

We all make mistakes when we start out as guides. 

But the worst thing is, we don’t even realize them. ?

Now that you are learning your script, please review this post carefully to avoid these mistakes before you receive your first group of travelers. 

We wrote it talking to over 100 new guides. 

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Bonus: best tips from an experienced tour guide (English subtitles available)

What’s next?

We are also waiting for you on our Facebook group with more than 1000 guides. Our community will gladly answer your questions!  

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